With the tweak made, the specter’s visage changed, fading away from frenzy to confusion, and then to peace. In much the same way it had appeared, it vanished, like a mist before the sun.

“What did you do?” Kitty said.

Sam pulled the Rwio off his hand and secured it in a well-loved leather holster on one side. “I rewrote its memory,” he said. “Ghost can’t haunt if it doesn’t think it was murdered.”

Kitty put her hands to her forehead. “You what? Like a wethacker rewriting a person? That’s illegal!”

“What are they gonna do, arrest me for murder?” Sam laughed. “But yeah, same principle, if you want to put it like that.”

“I have…SO many questions,” Kitty continued. “How can you alter the memory of something supernatural, with no physical form? Something that’s outside the laws of physics?”

“Hey.” Sam held up a forefinger. “It follows laws, we just don’t know what they are yet. Give it fifty, a hundred years, and someone’ll be able to do the math and show their work. All I know is that a Rwio works on a spook if you adjust it to use a 60 Hz carrier wave with a complex amplitude, and…”

Kitty tapped the jammer pin on her collar. “Look, using a Rwio to rewrite people’s memories is tough enough even when you’re not being jammed. How the hell can you do it to a spook?”

“Memory is just patterns in the ectoplasm,” Sam said. He tapped his temple, smoke from his cigarette ringing his head. “Same as the electrical impulses in my meat-brain here, assuming I remember anything about this conversation. Y’know, since it’s sort of boring.”

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