The Sword of Sorry, once unsheathed
Must first draw blood before it sleeps
You draw its glittering blade and then
Apologize over and over again
Say sorry when you are not at fault
Kowtow when anyone seems put out
Even when others are clearly to blame
Prostrate yourself with public shame
No one likes a haughty host
So draw the sword, apologize the most
Others may run roughshod over you
Regardless what you say or do
But if you apologize with a grin
You can deny them of the win
Talk is cheap, hot air most of all
With apology at your beck and call
They may not respect you here and now
And they may think they have you cowed
But social norms have taught you well
Bound you to an apologetic hell
So even if they come in late
Or abandon you to uncertain fate
Fall on the Sword of Sorry at your side
So all will know, at least you tried

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