As required by the Public Disclosure Act 1997, MidSouth ZooPark LLC reports the following incidents for the week ending 3/12/2022:

-277 citations for violations of ZooPark rules on the blocking of paths and emergency exits with strollers or wagons.

-78 loose children apprehended and temporarily held in the Human Zoo until claimed by parents, guardians, or other authorities.

-84 house sparrows, 29 mallards, 15 mockingbirds, 11 grackles, 9 cowbirds, 4 cardinals, and a pileated woodpecker apprehended stealing food from other, rarer, animals. Offenders were released with a warning.

-58 cases of vandalism against ZooPark signage, particulatly in the Shinto Temple, the Duck Pond, and the snow leopards’ Spot Pass.

-42 altercations between ZooPark patrons requiring the intervention of security forces.

-39 instances of ZooPark patrons throwing food, coins, or other debris into animal enclosures. The fate of coins thrown into Bonobo Bush remains unclear.

-13 cases of ZooPark patrons entering animal enclosures, ranging from sleeping on Meerkat Mountain to mooning Otongo the silverback of Gorilla Grove.

-7 cases of public nudity, or conspiracy to commit public nudity, among ZooPark patrons.

-4 cases of outside snacks being smuggled in, resulting in lifetime bans.

-2 gatecrashers caught attempting to enter the zoo for free via the Timberwolf Trail.

-2 animals (Cheeky the flamingo and Reaper the lion) escaped their enclosure for more than 30 minutes.

-1 baby born on premises and named after exhibit. The ZooPark family welcomes young Bongo Elizabeth McDonohue with a free entry ticket to make up for her failure to acquire one at the main gate.

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