Thank you for your interest in RYL3H, the new eldritch streaming service for those who dare to stare deeply into the darkness beyond! RYL3H has always been and will always be a no subscription service; all our content simply offered free with mads.

In addition to fan-favorite legacy content, ranging from “The King in Yellow” (1934) to “National Geographic’s Expedition: Mountains of Madness” (2019), RYL3H is pleased to offer a slate of original programs starting this fall!

Dead, Dreaming, and Loving it
From the twisted minds behind the smash hit Broadway musical version of “Call of Cthulhu” comes this twisted comedy that will make you lose your mind!

Survivor Kadath
From the award-winning crew of the original Survivor comes this new installment, set in the Dreamlands. Watch two tribes, the Nightgaunts and the Zoogs, engage in a series of dream-quests that will take them beyond the realm of sanity!

Nyarlathotep Uncensored
The Crawling Chaos himself offers politically incorrect hot takes on current events with a who’s who of guest stars! Look for the first episode, in which Nyarlathotep and special guest Shub-Niggurath, the Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young, debate critical race theory.

Pittman’s Next Top Model
Join the ranks of the haute couture as a progression of horrors from beyond the veil of sanity compete to see if they have what it takes to be immportalized in forbidden statuary!

The Thing in the Dubstep
Join host Asenath Waite for a singing contest that will possess your very soul! One of the contestants is but a husk possessed by the spirit of old Ephraim – can YOU guess which one before the final curtain?

Wheel of Necronomicon
The action is fast and frantic as contestants race to buy infernal runes to complete the ritual that will begin Dread Lord Cthulhu’s second reign over this earth!

The Dunwich Hunt
An invisible horror, half human and half eldritch abomination, is loose! Teams compete to track and subdue them before the clock ticks down and Yog-Sothoth returns for its wayward kin!

The Jerry Innsmouth Show
Join Jerry Innsmouth, talk show host and high priest of almighty Dagon, as he unpacks family drama with interviews and cutting-edge DNA tests. Are the guests raising their own children, or were they fathered by icthyoid horrors from the realms beneath? Tune in to find out!

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