Welcome to Stabd, the killer app for serial murderers! This FAQ was put together by Stabd Labs LLC GmbH, a limited liability company operating out of Liberia, to answer questions that new users may have.

Q: Why do I need Stabd? I can commit serial crime on my own.

A: Stabd features a variety of tools to make your spree both enjoyable and successful, both in stalking victims to evading the authorities. And with our patented “Killzone” technology, you never have to worry about interfering with another killer!

Q: How does the cooldown timer work?

A: The cooldown timer uses an algorithm based on your questionnaire answers and public data to determie when it is safe to slay again. It takes all the guesswork out of the process with cutting-edge information science.

Q: How does the victim tracker work?

A: Using public geolocating data, information scraped from dating and social media apps, and a few trademark secrets, the victim tracker allows you to not only identify psychologically appropriate marks, but also allows you to strike from the shadows with maximum surprise.

Q: What if I want to team up with another killer?

A: In your advanced settings, you can opt-in to “Partner Mode.” This will allow you to match with other killers matching your methods! There are two settings: “Complimentary” and “Coordinated.” The former matches killers who prefer different types of victims but similar methods, and the latter matches killers who prefer similar victims but different methods.

Q: What if I want to join with someone that prefers similar victims and similar methods?

A: Don’t. Statistically speaking, they will either kill, betray, or steal from you-possibly all three in one order or another.

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