New! From the makers of Daylight Savings Time and Polyphasic Sleep comes The 13th Hour!

Tired of not having enough time in your day, or in your night? Upgrade to The 13th Hour, and enjoy an extra 8.3%, 4.1% in the morning, and another 4.1% in the evening!

This isn’t one of those dodgy discount time plans. Unlike some on the market, The 13th Hour is REAL time, made up of the very same standard 60-second minutes you’ve come to know and love! Put any fears of having to deal with shorter minutes or shorter seconds to bed. Best of all, The 13th Hour is compatible with the clocks you already own-no need to buy expensive new hardware either!

We support and respect our troops, and therefore we’re happy to offer a special military-only option, The 25th Hour, in partnership with USAA. Studies have shown that troops using The 25th Hour are 4.1% more efficient on the battlefield and get 12% more sleep!

Sign up today! Rates start at just $9.99/month for the first six months, rising to $14.99/month after that. Any extra time used will be debited at subscription end. Void where prohibited. Equatorial and polar users may need to add leap seconds as necessary. The 13th Hour will not work in Saudi Arabia and is not compatible with any lunisolar timekeeping systems.

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