Chocomancy is the art of magically manipulating chocolate, and to a lesser extent other sweets. An offshoot of sucremancy, from which it split in 1650, chocomancers pride themselves on magic that is useful on both a culinary and a tactical/political level. Chocomancers are sought after as chefs, naturally, but also as spies, diplomatic adjutants, and even assassins.

Some major schools of chocomancy include:

Milk Chocomancy – The most popular school, it mixes light dairymancy with chocomancy to manipulate candy matter. This can involve constructing towering chocolate edifices, or crafting flavor bombs.

Dark Chocomancy – Bitter but rich, dark chocomancy focuses on the negative aspects of chocolate. Poisoned parfaits, exploding truffles, and comatose candies are among their stock and trade.

White Chocomancy – While some claim this is not chocomancy at all, White Chocomancers are accepted by the Chocolatier’s Guild as of this writing. They tend to favor flavor, cooking impressive but perhaps bland magical creations for wealthy patrons.

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