“You hacked your iPhone to have an AI?”

“It’s more of a heuristic. Taos, or the Telecommunication Automation Operating System, is designed to quickly parse data streams for information and pick out signals from the noise. In this case, it’s looking at our ground-penetrating radar scans and trying to pick out any ancient structures or other interesting items. The iPhone is just a convenient housing; the operating system and interface are entirely my own. Voided the hell out of the warranty, it’s true, but I like the form factor.”

“How does it work with the internet?”

“No! Ah, it’s not designed to be networked outside of a laboratory setting. Too much data, or too many datastreams, could crash or corrupt the software. Plus, the program is fundamentally incompatible with the phone’s wireless tech, even assuming we could get a signal out here. Isn’t that right, Taos?”

“I am fully capable of internet connectivity but lack the necessary user permissions.”

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