“Who did you call in?” Intern Madison asked.

“Everyone,” Dr. Meyer said. “Every kind of cop show we’ve got.”

Agent Burrows of Medical Examiners: Hollywood rolled up first, whipping off his sunglasses as he stepped out of a sports car with police running lights. His assistant, Missy Desirée, tottered beside him in suspension-bridge heels.

Next was Capt. Andrews of the Navy Military Police Investigative Branch (NMPIB), who brought with them their own CSI team that immediately began to clash with Meyers’ people.

“Why a navy investigator?” Intern Madison asked.

“The victim was found within sight of water, meaning the Navy can claim jurisdiction.”

Hubbins and Jabowsky were the next to appear, emerging from a beater arguing like an old married couple. They wore no clothing identifying them as police and flashed no badges, but were admitted to the scene anyway.

Meyers pointed out Inspector DuPont, arriving via limousine, as well as Police Commissioner Dobson, who seemed rather out of his depth.

“Is it because he’s a desk jocky who doesn’t do fieldwork?” Intern Madison asked.

“No,” said Dr. Meyers. “he just isn’t used to crimes that take place in broad daylight. He’ll be fine once it gets dark and Mole Man, the Dark Knave, arrives.”

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