Hi, I’m Daniel Hoakes, the owner, founder, and sole proprietor of Hoakes Plunder Barn! Friends, are you aware that state statute 616 § 12 prohibits prosecution of store owners for selling ‘plundered, pillaged, or grave-robbed goods before the age of the pilgrims?’ It’s a very specific law, dating back to the policy of Indian Removal and the mass desecration of native burial sites, but we here at Hoakes have put it to work for you!

Hoakes Plunder Barn is YOUR place for illegally obtained antiquities, plundered artifacts, robbed graves, and more! Are YOU a local, state, or federal agency that has seized any of the same and find yourself unable to dispose of them in a seized property auction? Come on down! We routinely liaise with law enforcement to help them dispose of illegal plunder.

Come take advantage of this century-old legal loophole and shop for the artifacts of your wildest dreams of avarice!

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