“The difficulty we run into with a quantum zoo is that animals from different universes have wildly different requirements,” says Laurie Scuggs, senior assistant quantum zookeeper.

“The Brunner’s Purple Mugthorpe is one of our most popular animals, since it’s bright purple and its mating song sounds like K-pop,” Scuggs continues. “But it breathes in pure argon and exhales copper cyanide gas, so we have to be very careful.”

The quantum exhibit has seen its fair share of controversy in recent years. It was even temporarily shut down after a toddler was allowed to get into the enclosure of a Zaxxian iome, a primate-like creature that liquefies bone and drinks it through a proboscis. Many point to the iome’s killing by a flying squad of city police as ending ther enthusiasm for the quantum zoo project altogether.

“I know they are extinct in their own dimensions, but breeding them here to reintroduce them in another universe just seems like a bad idea,” one zoo patron says. “I think we should take care of our own universe first.”

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