Built by the Luxton family of Old Blood Enchanters as a country retreat, Bloomhaven was constructed as both as a charming half-timbered chalet and a magical sieve to keep unwanted visitors at bay.

The first Lord Luxton designed Bloomhaven, and his misanthropic nature shone most clearly in its entrance arch, which could be magicked to reject unwanted visitors. An unannounced guest entering via the arch would find themselves exiting it at speed in the opposite direction, and more than one solicitor quite literally launched themselves away from the house in an attempt to charge through the defenses.

The architecture was modified somewhat by his son, the Second Lord Luxton, who kept the arch but developed the far side of the house further. His general distaste for his in-laws is largely to blame, allowing himself to isolate from them in a nearly seperate house. He also added the extensive gardens, nourished by a natural magical spring, and a carriage house.

The dwindling stock of Old Blood Enchanters meant that the Thirteenth Lord Luxton was likely to be the last, as the only child of only children. He partly occupied himself with modernizing the estate and its magicks, but was known to also be a kind if private citizen. His garden’s bounty was largely donated monthly to the needy, and a special secret rear entrance was known to be usable for short friendly visits or trick-or-treating, though woe betide anyone who attempted either with malicious intent.

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