“Amphictyony” is a term meaning roughly “gathering of friends” and this best describes the loose and decentralized government of the Efil. They exercise power in informal groups, resorting to snap elections in many cases and empowering leaders with unlimited power for limited terms when necessary. This philosophy extends to every level of Efil society, all the way up to their titular governing council, the Firsts-Among-Equals.

Biologically, the Enfil developed on a low-pressure and low-gravity world with meager atmospheric pressure and an atmosphere dominated by carbon dioxide. Silicon-based and spindly, they exhibit neither radial nor mirror symmetry and have been compared to “oddly shaped fiddler crabs” by some observers. They require a low pressure of approximately 600 pascals and 95% carbon dioxide to respirate, and have become quite skilled at terraforming planets to this standard.

Their homeworld underwent significant seasonal variations, with relatively wet, warm periods interspersed with extremely dry, cool ones. These necessitated massive migrations and instilled a strongly individualistic mentality in the Efil. This encompasses their preferred FTL technology, their extensive trade networks, and their unregulated yet booming economy.

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