The Tis’An evolved on a world that was mostly made up of water ices and liquid methane, and they require a similar methane-rich, liquid, and high-pressure environment to survive. Such environments are not uncommon, luckily, and Tis’An colonies that do not require extensive terraforming are fairly common. Their civilian and military vessels are usually filled with a mixture of hydrocarbons (70% methane, 14% nitrogen, and 14% ethane) at a minimum pressure of 145 kilopascals. Any less pressure, or a non-liquid medium, will cause death by decompression.

Tis’Ans have some features in common with terrestrial jellyfish, being radially symmetrical with evenly-spaced sensory organs, manipulator arms, and a central opening that is used for ingestion, excretion, and breeding. A sessile and non-sentient larval phase lasting 10 years is a necessary part of the Tis’An life cycle, and their earliest civilizations evolved around the need to protect these immature polyps.

Due to the interdependence required for breeding, raising young, and operating in atmospheres other than a perfectly ideal one, Tis’An government tends to be highly hierarchical and authority-driven. It is, at least in theory, a strict meritocracy with parallel hierarchies for civilians, the military, and the arts, each answerable to a single supreme head who is elected for life. This situation is mirrored on every colony world, with the worlds themselves subject to their own hierarchy in the Hegemony.

Tis’An language is incredibly complex, as it requires bioluminescence and methane-based “pheromones” for even basic concepts. Due to this, the Tis’An place a high value on accurate translation, and gifts of translators attuned to their language are usually offered at first contact.

With its large military and focus on trade, terraforming, and colonization, the Tis’An Hegemony is perhaps the preeminent traditional galactic power.

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