Dashhur School
Living by the precepts of Dashhur Ik-Nomi, this school is rigidly utilitarian and defines its philosophy as bringing the greatest happiness to the greatest number of orcs. As such, it is governed as a direct democracy, with every community member having a say in decisions. However, there are no minority rights among Dashhurites, which leads them to tolerate sometimes deplorable conditions for some under their control if they perceive it as improving quality of life for others.

Saqqua School
Saqqua Nya-Nar taught that the individual was the most important part of society, and that any restraints imposed on an individual represented a grievous miscarriage of justice. Therefore, in Saqquan territory, there are few if any laws limiting individual behavior: regulations are sparse and murder is often legal. However, as Saqquans themselves are free to point out, freedome from rules does not mean freedom from consequences, and the fallout from hasty actions can be devastating. This often leads to a very harsh situation that nevertheless offers many opportunities for advancement and profit.

Aamana School
Aamana Dis-Ath taught that the physical world is an ephemeral illusion, and that the only true structure in the universe was the mind. As such, Aamanans place a great deal of importance on mental acuity and tend to be ascetic in their daily lives, sometimes to the extreme. Monasteries with draconian personal rules are common, and even less-observant Aamanans tend toward fasting and a rejection of ornamentation.

Ur-Ulum School
Ur-Ulum, who abandoned their family name as part of their teachings, believed that the cosmos in general and the Cassandra Galaxy in particular represents a single, living being. Seeing to the health and harmony of that being is of the utmost importance, as its sickness or death would lead to the end of the universe. Therefore, Ul-Ulamites are environmentalists who shun many modern conveniences and use others only sparingly. Some go so far as to reject all FTL travel, while others will only purchase but never build ships or shelters. Through this wide variety of practices, though, the central tenets remain firmly established.

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