Green Fleet
The largest and most powerful of the goblin fleets, Green Fleet is primarily a mining and merchantile fleet with a powerful security arm. Currently in the process of extracting minerals from the ring system of Ados VI, Green Fleet is large enough that it has several sub-fleets deployed at any one time to advance goblin interests in the galaxy at large. Green Fleet operates on a strict social credit system, with various duties required of members to build up credits to spend on personal advancement or luxuries. Most Green Fleet members operating independently do so to accumulate credits to spend when they return.

Blue Fleet
The goblin Blue Fleet operates on the fringes of the known galaxy, charting and claiming planets and systems that are then sold on to other interested parties. It engages in limited mining, usually for highly valuable materials in easily accessible deposits, but is focused more on scientific inquiry for profit. The fleet does have a strong defense element, especially its midsize escort corvettes. In terms of governance, Blue Fleet is best described as a meritocracy with strongs attached, as most promotions and appointments are made by committees that are open to outside influence.

Red Fleet
The most scattered of all the goblin fleets, Red Fleet rarely gathers in strength except at a congress once every ten years. All other fleet business is managed through interstellar communications. Red Fleet specializes in mercenary work, with a large complement of agile fighters and other such small craft. They are not above the occasional piracy or protection racket, though the Red Fleet’s command prefers plausible deniability in such circumstances. By far the most egalitarian of the fleets, Red Fleet is socialist and communalist, with officers elected by their subordinates and most day-to-day business being handled by small committees, which report to larger ones, all the way up to the powerful Fleet Board.

Yellow Fleet
Yellow Fleet is made up entirely of goblins who have chosen to remain associated with the orcs, albeit no longer as slaves but ostensibly as equals. Reviled as traitors and worse by other goblins, they nevertheless are widely respected by other sapients for their skills in cargo transportation. Indeed, close to 50% of all orcish cargo is carried by Yellow Fleet, even though goblins make up less than 10% of the sapients in orcish settlements. Yellow Fleet is structured like a corporation, though it does include a military component, and about 60% of its managers and executives are orcs despite nominal goblin oversight-proof, detractors say, of Yellow Fleet being a puppet to such interests.

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