Descended from Dame Herren the Wise, the Herenid halflings are known for their pursuit of research and knowledge. This makes them stereotypically excellent scientists but also hoarders of information and, occasionally, brokers in stolen secrets. Notably, the Imperial Librarian of the Heavenly Empire is a Herenid halfling.

Descended from Lady Sollia the Fair, the Sollians are typically regarded as being appearance-obsessed and fashion-conscious, with a taste for the finer things in life and a weakness for creature comforts. While this is a generalization, Sollian halflings do own and operate the famous bespoke tailor Waschbaer of Procyon.

Descended from Mother Grish of Nekh, halflings of this lineage are often tarred as thieves, criminals, and gangsters. Mother Grish was famous for telling her children “do what is neccessary,” and the stereotypical Grishnekh does just that. Most major crime families on Nekh to this day descend from Mother Grish.

Descended from Madame Lana, halflings regard Lananids as being predisposed to mystical careers as religious leaders, seers, fortunetellers, and the like. Madame Lana herself was a powerful psionic, and many halflings skilled in those arts are of her line. The great halfling stage magician Mungo Moudin is a direct-line Lananid, for instance.

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