Core League
Made up of Elven polities and planets that favor a stronger central government, the Core League is set up as a confederacy in which each polity has one vote and a 2/3 majority is required both to elect a Hegemon and to pass any binding laws. The result is that no Hegemon has been elected in 223 years, and only non-binding suggestions have passed for 188 years. In the meantime, a series of weak Acting Hegemons have sought to keep the League intact, with varying success.

Verge League
The Verge League is committed to independence and armed neutrality, and bands together only for mutual defense and to present a united political front against the other leagues, particularly the Core League. Weak by design, the League only elects a Hegemon during times of war and only seats its representatives every 10 years. In the meantime, any neccessary decisions are made ad-hoc. This decentralization makes the Verge League both difficult to control and difficult to defeat.

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