Duck Hill was an unincorporated community that was once planned to be a luxury development, named after a particularly vicious group of local mallards that has since moved on by a developer with a sense of whimsy. One of the inhabitant of Duck Hill was Winona Jackson, a county clerk who runs a business on the side sewing children’s costumes. She was a stray dog rescuer, with three permanent dogs and 4-5 foster dogs at any given time.

Mr. Jackson was a long-haul trucker who is home 2 days a month, while their daughter Wyandotte was 12 and a vegan who dreams of being an environmental protestor. Her dream was is saving up for (or perhaps inventing) an all-electric big rig for her father. Between Winona and Wyandotte, the family was well on its way to animal hoarding, with
two cats, a hamster (Wiggles), and a semi-feral snapping turtle in the back pond (Mr. Fingers) in addition to the dogs.

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