Carrollton Kosciusko was only very distantly related to the Revolutionary War hero Tadeusz Kościuszko through his sister Tekla. His great-trandfather changed the family name from Wierzbowski in the 1890s to emphasize the connection to the more famous Kosciusko. Carrollton’s first name was his mother’s maiden name; the Carrolltons of Madison were an old patrician family.

Working part-time at the marina as a bartender in the Brass Anchor bar, Carrollton judges dog shows as a hobby, but intense allergies prevent him from owning any. He
has a long trail of exes and a history of serial monogamy, much to the disappointment of his parents who want oodles of grandkids–Carrollton hasn’t produced a single one, at least none that he knows about.

Chet ‘Trip’ Winegarten III is the bane of Carrollton’s existence, as a fishing instructor and yacht owner who is higher in the marina hierarchy despite being two years younger than Carrollton. In addition to judging cat shows, Carrollton wants to circumnavigate the world by boat, but he first needs to learn how to sail. Notoriously, he has a “terrible” tattoo in a secret place as the result of the drunken encouragement of one of his exes during a trip to Tokyo.

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