The Greensburg Fluker (Verdopolis irrumabo) is a member of the migratory fluker family, so named for the whale-fluke like tail of the type species (the Carolina fluker), which all other fluker species lack. First observed near Greensburg, MS by John Greensburg, descendent of the town’s namesake, but the birds only pass through that area irregularly during migration. Its rarity has brought the town some renown and as such it sponsors an annual Fluker Festival which is known for pranksters altering signs and buying stickers online. The Greensburg Ornithological Society is trying to get protected status for the woods where the fluker was first spotted, much to the ire of the area’s lumber companies.

Flukers are known to be semi-monogamous tree nesters with brood sizes of 2-3. 66% of eggs are fathered by other birds, leading to the nickname ‘adultery bird’ or ‘affair bird.’ The fluker eats primarily insects that it catches on the wing and is specialized as a bee eater. It can be attracted to suet only if honey is carefully mixed in or added to mealworms. Their song has been described as a cheerful ‘hoo-caw’ or ‘fluke-off.’ Fluker plumage is plain and cryptic aside from juvenile birds, which are bright yellow before their first adult molt.

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