Amity City, population 3000, was famous for its well-preserved vintage bandstand and the Great American Bandstand Festival it holds once every two years (annually is too expensive). It was the site of a minor gold rush in the 1870s which petered out after it was realized that the gold was a glacial erratic; many of the city’s main street buildings come from the Amity Nugget era.

The Amity City Cryptozoological Society tries to trade on the city name’s similarity to the Amityville Horror but has not succeeded in attracting much attention. Crypto sightings include multiple Bigfoots, a Hodag based on inconclusive tracks, the Amity City Day Possum, and Marshie the Marsh Monster. Crypto society believes that the Day Possum can blink in and out of existence when in danger; unbeknownst to them, it is also the only real cryptid of the bunch.

Amity City’s population has been stagnant, and the tourism board is desperate to revitalize interest, possibly with a Day Possum mascot campaign.

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