Hello and welcome to the exciting life of a Vampway™ Independent Unlife Consultant! We’re proud to be our nation’s #1 independent non-surgical blood bank, and we know that our products and lifestyle will help you realize your dreams of owning your own business and commanding your own unholy army of the night.

First, let me assure you: this is not some dodgy pyramid or Ponzi scheme. We’re a real medical supply company that sells real products! But between you and me, the media does have something right about Vampway™: we’re all about the blood!

As an entry-level Independent Unlife Consultant, you will be in thrall to the Vampway™ consultant who recruited you. 25% of the blood you collect goes straight to them. But we all know that no one wants to stay at the bottom, and that’s why you are able to recruit thralls of your own! Once you’ve embraced the sweet nectar of undeath, you’ll be entitled to 25% of the blood your thralls collect, and their thralls, and so on! You and I can both see that this means a literal river of blood flowing to your doorstep!

Now, obviously, as a Vampway™ Independent Unlife Consultant, you need blood to live, and any other food will make you violently ill. However, any excess blood you collect is yours to keep! You can save it yourself for lean times in a low-interest BloodBankPlus™ account, sell it on Vampway™’s internal eBlood auction site, or convert it into a number of bestselling serology products. Do-it-yourself with our starter kit, or skip the hassle and have the conversion done centrally by us for a nominal* fee!

Now, we know that even the most prepared Vampway™ consultant occasionally has some lean times, and that’s where we give back to you. Both our healthy, screened blood purchased from other consultants and our award-winning “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Blood” serum substitute are available for purchase at a substantial discount. That’s right: you save 5% off the cost we charge to hospitals and ordinary customers for our blood and blood substitutes!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for one of our Weekend Conversion Courses today!

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