What are the pines whispering at Whispering Pines Truck stop? Are they whispering that diesel fuel is a noxious pollutant, one that it is beyond their ability to filter out of our ever-darkening skies? Perhaps they whisper of the Piney Lode, a legendary treasure abandoned by Confederate highwaymen deep in the woods at the end of the late unpleasantness. Perhaps the legendary Dogman of Piney Isle Bog is spoken of amid the boughs, or secrets swirling around the alleged abduction of two men by extraterrestrial saucers on the old pine logging road in 1971. Perhaps the pines whisper of a love once lost but never forgotten, as sweet and near as fragrant honey but as ephemeral and intangible as a morning mist.

Whatever they’re whispering about, come find out. And while you’re at it, sign up for a fuel card to save 2¢ off every gallon.

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