The chow-chow with the distinction of taking best in show at the county dog fair for an unprecedented 5 years running, Shubuta was also canine non grata at every boarder and groomer within a 50-mile radius due to his aggressive behavior and tendency to bite anyone other than his owner. Dog show judges were apparently temporarily exempt, but everyone else was cruising for a biting if Shubuta wasn’t firmly clutched (or firmly in his traveling clutch). Attempts to put him out to stud had also repeatedly failed due to his attacks on would-be paramours. He had made a little bit of stud money as a mail-order dad, but when the resulting puppies had exhibited his tendency toward mastication, that avenue too had dried up. Speculation remains rampant about whether Shubuta will extend his reign as county dog champion or be forced into retirement as controversy swirls around his unruly personal behavior.

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