Lexington “Lex” Pickens had big dreams of musical stardom that were just large enough to sustain him on the ragged edge in the city, from gig to gig, surviving but not thriving. When he returned home, seeking more of the latter than the former, he kept his hand in and regularly plays and sings and tours locally. It helps that he owns his own equipment, everything from a guitar to a bass to a drum set and full mic setup, that he meticulously accumulated from scraps and castoffs during his time in the city.

Even though he might be moonlighting as a part of half a dozen local bands as a hired gun, that income isn’t enough even in Lex’s rural home. He supplements it with music lessons and a steady(ish) bartending gig, with Lex jokingly saying that he is good at mixing no matter the medium. He’s not though. Lex is a talented musician but a mediocre bartender, and his willingness to work odd hours and his ability to find substitutes for shifts when he is on (local) tours is what keeps him solvent.

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