Dr. Janos Srko, DVM: I see we have a young sasquatch here.

Patient: Yes, I just don’t understand what’s gotten into Biggie. He used to be so spunky and cute, but now he’s lashing out and attacking the neighbors! He ate my neighbor’s cat yesterday and I’m worried they might press charges.

Dr. Janos Srko, DVM: Of course he is! He’s a sasquatch, a social animal, and you’re trying to keep him as a pet.

Patient: But he was fine before.

Dr. Janos Srko, DVM: He was a little kid before, a baby! Now he’s going through puberty. He’s been trying to communicate with you, but humans can’t pick up on sasquatch social cues.

Patient: What should I do?

Dr. Janos Srko, DVM: It should be illegal for you to keep a pet Sasquatch. But until the state legislature catches onto that, you have only two options. You can either give him up to a sasquatch sanctuary, or you can take him home with the knowledge that sooner or later he’ll become so dangerous that he’ll have to be euthanized.

Patient: I need to think about this.

Dr. Janos Srko, DVM: (to camera) The real tragedy here is that this poor sasquatch wasn’t properly socialized among his own kind, so he’ll never be able to live in the wild. Life in the sanctuary with other rescued saaquatches is his best choice at a decent life.

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