Name: Ruddy quail-dove
Peckédex Number: 364
Type: Quiet type, Pigeon type
Weakness: Noisy type
Evolves From: Pale quail-squab

A furtive pidge of mountain and hillock, the ruddy quail-dove is shy but also highly caffienated, having adapted to living not only in forests but also on coffee plantations.

Pidge Hide – The ruddy quail-dove conceals itself, preventing all harm by almost any attacks. Noisy-type attacks can still affect it, and will cause it to break hiding.

Pidge Flush – Emerging from its hiding spot, the ruddy quail-dove launches a powerful Quiet-type attack that deals damage and can also inflict silence.

Bean Blast – Using the ancient art of bean-fu, the ruddy quail-dove launches a coffee bean at its foe for non-elemental damage.

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