Name: I’iwi
Peckédex Number: 421
Type: Sweet type, Sickle type
Weakness: Sour type
Evolves From: I’iwifruit

Scythe-billed with a major sweet tooth, this Hawaiian honeycreeper is a symbol of the island but also a rare survivor of an avian holocaust that has seen many of its fellow honeycreepers disappear forever.

Scythe Bill – The I’iwi stabs with its sickle beak. If the enemy is Sweet-type, the attack will do extra damage and restore some health.

Nectar Blast – The I’iwi bathes itself in sweet, sweet nectar, healing it.

Ghosts of Honeycreepers Past – This attack does damage based on how many battles its opponent has won. The more battles, the more damage, up to a certain level-dependent limit. If the opponent has never won a battle, it does 0 damage.

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