Name: Adélie Penguin
Peckédex Number: 676
Type: Dark type, Penguin type
Weakness: Light type
Evolves From: Marie Byrd Penguin

The feistiest penguin found on Antarctic shores, the Adélie makes up in fearlessness what it lacks in size. These killer krillers have so far resisted the ravages of climate change while expanding their range, but who knows what the future has in store for the bird named after the wife of a French botanist.

Pebble Pelt – The Adélie Penguin blasts a pebble from its stockpile at its foe. If it does not have a pebble in its stockpile, it attempts to steal a pebble from its enemy instead.

Antarctic Night – Between May 24 and July 18, the Adélie Penguin can blast its opponent with a dark-type attack that also inflicts blindness on non-penguin type enemies.

Antarctic Day – Between July 19 and May 23, the Adélie Penguin can peck its opponent for minor non-elemental damage.

Sk8 – The Adélie Penguin skates forward on its belly, beak-first, dealing piercing dark-type damage to a foe.

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