Name: Lahore Pigeon
Peckédex Number: 85a
Type: Quiet type, Pigeon type
Weakness: Noisy type
Evolves From: LaSquab

The chonkiest of fancy pigeon breeds, the Lahore Pigeon has transcended its poultry origin to become a favored pidge pet! From its gentle nature to its swingin’ bell bottoms, the Lahore is one groovy pidge!

Bell-Bottomed Shush – The Lahore Pigeon sweeps up a zone of absolute quiet with its bell bottoms, giving all attacks with a vocal component a chance to fail. Noise-type attacks can still pierce the silence at a high rate.

Coo Coo Bombadier – The Lahore Pigeon rises up and swoops down to coo for quiet-type damage. Noisy-type enemies are immune.

Perch! – The Lahore Pigeon perches on its foe and crushes it for non-elemental damage.

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