Name: Wood Duck
Peckédex Number: 142
Type: Wood type, Waterfowl type
Weakness: Metal type
Evolves From: Twig Duckling

A dashing duck of woodlands wild with proud pompadour streaming o’er the lake! With precocious youth and a dab hand at dabbling, no one will ever say that they can’t quack it!

Claws for Perching – The Wood Duck perches on its foe, digging in its claws for non-elemental damage.

Duckling Drop – A random number of ducklings will emerge from a cavity nest and fall on the Wood Duck’s foe for wood-type damage. There is a chance per duckling that it will remain during the Wood Duck’s next turn, either absorbing damage or adding to the number of ducklings in the next drop.

Stick It To Me – The Wood Duck pulls up a sodden tree branch and throws it at its foe for wood-type damage. The branch can be a twig, branch, bough, or rarely a trunk.

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