Name: Red-Crested Turaco
Peckédex Number: 314
Type: Earth type, Jungle type
Weakness: Air type
Evolves From: Pink-Crested Loerie

The Angolan national bird proudly wears the red of his nation’s flag on his head. This lofty loerie from Luanda is always ready to lift your spirits!

Hooooah Khaaar-Khaaar – The Red-Crested Turaco picks a ripe fruit off the ground and drops it on a foe for earth-type damage.

Crest in Show – The Red-Crested Turaco slashes at its foe with its crest, dealing light non-elemental damage.

Loerie Lift – The Red-Crested Turaco lifts its foe up and drops it for earth-type damage. The larger the foe, the greater the chance of failure.

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