Name: Shiny American Robin
Peckédex Number: 011a
Type: Fire type, Thrush type
Weakness: Water type
Evolves From: Scruffy Spotbreast

The shiny version of the American Robin doubles down on its fiery temperament, dawn punctuality, and appetite for annelids. The result is a worm-seeking missile that is not to be underestimated, heralding a spring for the ages backed up by a badass brood.

Earliest Bird – The Shiny American Robin takes two turns in a row at the cost of its next turn.

Annelid Annihilation – This upgraded Wormstrike adds fire-type damage to the move with a chance to stun enemies and instantly defeat water-type foes.

Firebreast Storm – The Shiny American Robin’s breast grows red-hot, causing all melee attacks for the next three turns to inflict fire-type damage on any foes.

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