Name: Gyrfalcon
Peckédex Number: 362
Type: Water type, Murderbird type
Weakness: Fire type
Evolves From: Souvlakite

This icy raptor of the high arctic is a stone cold killer, either as an independent agent or a murderbird-for-hire in falconry. Nesting in the same chilly crevasses for centuries, if not millennia, the Gyrfalcon’s dedication to its craft is sure to make one’s head spin.

Icy Spin – The Gyrfalcon dives and spins at its foe, delivering piercing water-type damage.

Gyrfalcon Punch – The Gyrfalcon rakes enemies with its claws for hefty non-elemental damage.

Cliff Drop – Calling on its young nesting high above, the Gyrfalcon pelts enemies with rocks. The longer the Gyrfalcons have nested in that spot, the harder the rocks, and the more likely they are to inflict status effects.

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