Name: Golden Conure
Peckédex Number: 629
Type: Metal type, Parrot type
Weakness: Wood type
Evolves From: Silver Proure

This bird’s brilliant hue has made it a target for traders hoping to cash in its gold for green, but in the wild it is a gregarious and social parrot, ready to shine brilliantly in any situation!

Summon Helpers – The gregarious Golden Conure attempts to summon 1-3 helper birds that will mirror its next action at 1/4 strength. Between 0 (most likely) and 3 (least likely) birds will be summoned, and can only be dispelled by a Wood-type attack.

Smelt Dealt – The Golden Conure pours liquid gold over its foes for metal-type damage. Surviving foes gain a random amount of money.

Geecaw – The Golden Conure retrieves a precious item from its cavity nest and drops it on its foe for a variety of damage types. The items range from a pebble (most common) to an anvil (least common).

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