Name: Melanistic Barn Owl
Peckédex Number: 629
Type: Quiet type, Owl type
Weakness: Noisy type
Evolves From: Melanistic Toolshed Owlet

The melanistic version of the Barn Owl trades in the fan-favorite alien abduction mythos for dark magic, weaving a spell of night silence that not even the strongest foes can penetrate!

Hoot Sweet – The melanistic Barn Owl produces a small snack and eats it, regenerating health and possibly conferring a positive status effect. The meals range from a mouse (most common, heals a small amount of HP) to an axolotl (rarest, confers health regeneration and elemental resistance).

Cloak of Night – The melanistic Barn Owl rises up and drops from the shadows like a phantom, inflicting quiet-type damage and with a chance to inflict silence and/or blindness. Noisy-type enemies are immune.

Heart-Shaped Strike – The melanistic Barn Owl delivers a double rake of its claws followed by a peck for non-elemental damage. Damage is increased by 1.5x for targets which are silent or blind.

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