Name: Red-Crowned Crane
Peckédex Number: 513
Type: Earth type, Shorebird type
Weakness: Air type
Evolves From: Pink Heir-Apparent Crane

A symbol of felix and fidelity, these monogamous migrators rule the roost from Hokkaido to Manchuria. Manhandling mud to shake loose tasty creatures, escaping these cranes is a tall order!

Monogamy Mash – The Red-Crowned Crane summons its mate; if it appears, the effectiveness of its next earth-type attack is increased. Has a chance of failure, or to summon a chick instead for a much lower damage increase.

Mud Fling – The Red-Crowned Crane digs its beak deep into the mud and flings it at a foe for earth-type damage with a chance of blindness. Air-type enemies are immune. There is a slight chance that the mud will contain prey, healing the Red-Crowned Crane for damage equal to what it would have inflicted.

Hokkaido Honk – The Red-Crowned Crane delivers its trademark honk, delivering mild non-elemental damage. If Monogamy Mash has successfully summoned its mate, the move is upgraded to a duet, with added earth-type damage.

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