Name: Superb Bird of Paradise
Peckédex Number: 992
Type: Sour type, exotic type
Weakness: Sweet type
Evolves From: Superb Bird of Limbo

This blinged-out bird is lord of the dance as it uses its wings and breast feathers to create a horrifying mask to bob and weave for the benefit of the rare señoritas. The females reject 15-20 males, having notoriously high standards.

Face Dance (male only): The male Superb Bird of Paradise does his characteristic dance, overwhelming the enemy with sour-type damage with a possibility of stunning it. Can only be used once per battle.

Reject (female only): The female Superb Bird of Paradise can reject an enemy attack like a failed mating dance; the attack causes no damage and inflicts no status effects. Can only be used once per battle.

Fancy Peck: The Superb Bird of Paradise does a peck for minor sour-type damage.

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