I, Ad Dakhla, scribe and chronicler to the court of the Sultan of the City of Bronze, do here set down what is known of the Curseblade of Stay. It is a normal cruciform sword with the crest of House Stay, so it is said, and it grants the bearer exceptional skills in combat as well as immense resilience outside of it.

But this comes at a price. The bearer’s dreams are forever after of the Infinite Chateau of Stay, and they feel a compulsion to travel there that grows stronger with each passing day. Eventually, when they can stand it no more, the bearer travels to the Infinite Chateau and is lost among its rooms, refusing all rescue until they vanish into its depths. The sword, tossed away in their final madness, then seeks anew. Some have said that this proves the Infinite Chateau is a living thing, like unto an anglerfish, with the Curseblade as its lure; this is an interesting supposition, but one that perhaps cannot ever be proven.

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