I, Ad Dakhla, scribe and chronicler to the court of the Sultan of the City of Bronze, do here set down a tale of the Thiefblade, a small dagger that makes a thief of anyone who possesses it. It is finely jeweled, or so the illustrations in the chronicles relate, and so well-wrought that if is difficult to conceal when worn in any capacity.

Upon sight of it, those with even the smallest aptitude for a blade are smitten with it, and seek to steal the dagger at their earliest opportunity. This has, as one might imagine, led to more than one would-be thief being struck down with the very blade they attempted to steal. But once the blade is prized away from its former owner, the cycle begins anew.

It is said that the Thiefblade has been stolen hundreds of times, and will see yet a hundred more before it is put beyond the reach of mortal man. No tales exist of how it came to be, nor any theories; it seems that any knowledge of its history has, itself, been stolen.

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