“Bufflehead Duck” was a girl band during the 90s, though their aesthetic harkened back to the heyday of the bubblegum pop era. Despite never reaching the heights of popularity that other, more “serious” bands achieved, Bufflehead Duck retained enough devoted fans, or “ducklings,” to be able to tour continuously during the 2000s and 2010s, often overseas. Particularly in Japan and Russia, the band was popular enough to chart new songs over a decade after their last major hits in the US/UK. In fact, of the three “BuffDuckCon” events that were held, one was in Los Angeles, one was in Tokyo, and one was in St. Petersburg. The band eventually broke up in 2015, after criticism of the Russian invasion of Crimea led to a ban on the band in that country. The lead singer, Juniper Washington, subsequently withdrew from public life and was reported to be living on Hokkaido with a fan as of 2019.

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