A skelestongeon is a large arcane construct which requires two months and 1000 GP to prepare. The skeleton of any large animal will do, but skelestongeons made from equines are the most popular. Each bone must be inscribed with a number of magical runes, requiring an artisan level of skill and a special silver or gold ink; the better the quality of the runes, and the more complete the skeleton, the more powerful the resulting skelestongeon will be. To animate the construct, a pair of gems must be affixed into its eye sockets while a being of roughly equal size is slain in cold blood nearby.

This will animate the skelestongeon and allow it to receive commands. If the ritual was completed properly, it will act as a large courser for riding purposes, inflicting 1d12 damage to anyone it tramples. Once per day, a well-made skelestongeon can cast a 1st or 2nd level spell from each of its eye-gems. If a second casting is called for, the spell will shatter the skelestongeon’s eye as it casts, resulting in all its attributes and rolls being cut in half until the gem can be replaced. Shattering both gems will kill the skelestongeon, and once slain, its bones cannot be raised again.

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