Ridgehill Apartments (a unit of Omni Landlords LLC GmbH) regretfully prohibits the following household pets on the premises due to prior incidents:

-rodents larger than 1lb (.5kg), including beavers, muskrats, capybaras, and Patagonian maras

-dogs with the word “bull,” “retriever,” “pinscher,” or “border” in their breed name, as well as any dog with a German-presenting name; mixed breeds will be evaluated by a local caninologist

-longhair or no-hair cats; cats must meet a strict middle-of-the-road hair policy to be permitted and shaved longhair cats are not permitted

-birds of prey including eagles, falcons, hawks, kites, condors, or vultures; owls are permitted only on a case by case basis but owners will be responsible for placing pellets in the designated container

-stinging, biting, clawing, or behavior-altering arthropods

-fish larger than 1lb (.5 kg) and/or fish that require a salt water, benthic, or handrail tank

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