Narrator: Dr. Srko’s next patient is a pet chupacabra, Sucky, who has been off its food. His worried owner brought it in to the practice.

Dr. Janos Srko, DVM: So how did you know that something was wrong with Sucky here?

Patient: He barely touched his food. I gave him a full sized billy goat from the pet shop for dinner, like I always do, and he hardly drained it at all.

Dr. Janos Srko, DVM: Less than a pint of blood from the goat?

Patient: Yeah, it didn’t even die. Just a little anemia.

Dr. Janos Srko, DVM: How long has this been going on?

Patient: A month, maybe? I’m not sure.

Dr. Janos Srko, DVM: Did you get Sucky fixed?

Patient: No, I was hoping to put him out to stud.

Dr. Janos Srko, DVM: Well, there’s your problem! Sucky is pregnant. Parthogenesis, probably; chupacabrae are known to do that sometimes. You really ought to get your pet fixed to cut down on the stray kaiju population.

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