Profile: Warmaiden Madison R’Svask

The youngest Warmaiden in the elite gyu’Vatna ruling class, Ms. R’Svask is half-human and half-Vatna. She and her brother Cooper R’Svask were the product of the brief marriage of Warlord Zadias R’Svask, commander of the First Fleet of the Vatna Hegemony, and Cindi Feldman-Spruance, lifestyles columnist for Star Confederation Today.

Viewers of a certain age may remember the R’Svask/Feldman-Spruance wedding, the “Wedding of the Century,” which was widely simulcast on the holonet and presented as a fairy tale romance between a commoner and a military commander with more battlecruisers than living enemies. The entire courtship was followed closely by the tabloids, from a meet cute during the Glassing of Gift-3 to Warlord R’Svask’s use of the Quantum Galaxy, set in a Dior band, as an engagement ring.

They may also remember the subsequent “Divorce of the Century,” in which R’Svask and Feldman-Spruance acrimoniously split over his affair with a subordinate captain and her infamous leaked call with a 11001001 friend (the so-called “U+2665 call”). This led to the R’Svask children being the subject of a bitter custody dispute that almost exploded into interstellar war until a shared custody arrangement was reached that is still cited as a foundational treaty in interplanetary relations due to its scope and completeness.

This led to a unique multicultural perspective in Ms. R’Svask’s upbringing that, many later argued, was essential to her later success as an influencer.

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