After attaining Vatna adulthood by hunting and killing a wild flu’Qog, with a combination Bat Mitzvah/Quinceñera on her mother’s side, Ms. R’Svask first rose to prominence through a series of ClipClop videos in which she danced and sang inside a Kragh Fleet fast food restaurant, pointing out the Vatna cultural origins of many parts of a standard Kragh Slurpy-Meal. The sixth video in the series, “Slurpy-Meal is a Killing Word,” went hyper-viral and won a Holoey Award for Best ClipClop in the Star Confederation.

After a few years of endorsing products and services, most notably SkinSoSoft™ Cremes from Earth and Battle Commander Glukh’s War Paint from Vatna, Ms. R’Svask live-blogged her way through the campaign of conquest required to earn the title of Warmaiden and the right to command a Vatna battlecruiser. Her campaign against the non-Star-Confederation-aligned Cetuccan Establishment was notable for its restraint and emphasis on diplomacy, with only one major and two minor battles and a few thousand dead.

Currently, in addition to her part-time internship with the Vatna First Battlefleet, Ms. R’Svask writes a weekly advice column for Star Confederation Today and has 1×10^27 followers on ClipClop.

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