Profile: Xenia Zzazzsk of Hive #5

Conservative Fulvans live in vast planetary Hives that emphasize the collective over the individual and shun most galactic concerns except at the macro level. Reform and Orthodox Fulvans generally have a much more individualistic view, taking the ancient pronouncements of the Fulvan One as “more guidelines than actual rules.” Even though the large Reform and Orthodox Fluvan populations routinely flout the ancient hive rules, Xenia Zzazzsk has been at the forefront of mainstreaming Fulvans into galactic high society and pop culture.

Born into the Zzazzsk clan, a family which includes Fulvan tycoon Groncho Zzazzsk as well as the late holo-director Tsequ Zzazzk, Xenia’s mother famously appeared on the cover of Galaxy News Magazine holding her egg. This act is credited with reducing stigma for gravid and brooding Fulvans, and has led some commentators to quip that Xenia has been gracing magazine covers since before she was hatched.

Thanks in part to Nalia Zzazzsk’s continued media presence, the entire Star Confederation was able to see Xenia grow up, he early presence in hatchling magazines and scuttler-aged fashion shoots eventually giving way to minor roles in her great-uncle Tsequ’s final films. Xenia’s scene-stealing turn as the younger sister of Magellanic Zones’ love interest in Magellanic Zones and the Supermassive Black Hole even made it onto Star Confederation Monthly’s “100 Megasols, 100 Laughs” list.

While putting her career on hold to attend school, Xenia become an acknowledged master of the ClipClop platform, famously (or infamously) using AI-generated fakery to embarrass or prank others. Her subsequent feud with Madison R’Svask has become a social media legend, with it reportedly bringing the Fulvan Hive close to being expelled from he Star Confederation due to diplomatic pressure from the Vatna Hegemony.

Recently, Xenia has taken a short break from social media due to bombshell allegations that her parents corruptly got her into Betelgeuse University by claiming she was recruited to the liquid ammonia swimming team, despite liquid ammonia being toxic to Fulvans.

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