Profile: Vhod Amti

The Zypger Union is well-known for its strict holonet censorship, which makes the rise of a Glitch.Holo streamer like Vhod Anti all the more unusual. And unlike many Zypger, who have been forced to move outside the Union to evade censorship, Vhod has been able to stream with the full consent and backing of the ruling Zypger Central Party.

Born to an administrator in a major province on the Home World and his wife, a major general in the Zypger Defense Force, Vhod seemed like an unlikely candidate for an interstellar gamer. But long periods left alone while his parents were involved with official business, in addition to his maternal uncle Bnuj who was an executive at a major electronics contractor, gave Vhod just the edge he needed to build a state of the art quantum gaming computer.

By the time he had reached the age of compulsory military service, Vhod had already set world records in Super Massive Black Hole Brothers and The Legend of Zetar, and his reaction videos to the jump scares in Six Orbits of Saturn had been viewed more than one quadrillion times on ClipClop.

Due to his frequent statements in favor of Zypger Union policies at home and abroad, some have accused Vhod of acting as a mouthpiece for the government. Especially when compared to dissident streamers like Sze Trast, who has been banned and auto-censored from every holonet transceiver in Union space, some argue, it seems that he is being used as a palatable alternative for more politically active streamers. Others point to his large fanbase in the Star Confederation at large to refute this, in addition to the many galactic brands he promotes in his streams and videos.

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