Profile: Kacrixl “Ixl” Rhjypes

Ebzhyna from the Combine are stereotypically a deeply spiritual people, with a natural preference for traditional remedies and wisdom and a deep mistrust of advanced technology. Ixl Rhjypes brings just that energy to their “Residoo” brand of lifestyle products and endorsements, pushing for a natural, holistic, and consciously coupled lifestyle.

The offspring of noted Ebzhyna film producer Sag Rhj and intergalactic rom-com favorite Tosp Ypes, Ixl launched their brand at the young age of 14 cycles, and with a small one million credit investment from their forebears was able to build it into a titanic brand within just a few cycles more.

Ixl’s review videos of natural and homeopathic remedies are renowned for their breezy style and high production values, while their endorsements of copper, magnets, and crystals for healing purposes has made them a devoted following among citizens of the Star Confederation who are too poor to afford medical care.

Naturally, such innate talent and success breeds resentment, and many have criticized Residoo for promoting dangerous, unhealthy, or quack products. Others have claimed that even the most benign Residoo information may lead sapients to put off actual medical procedures in favor of untested (and untestable) miracle cures. Ixl isn’t worried, though. Whenever the subject of criticism comes up, they just smile and say “whatever!.”

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